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Bounty Beyond Belief

22 April, 03:55, by Don

This is one of the best sources for all your heirloom vegetables, and even a few organic seeds.   Good stuff.  Need wildflower seed?  Call these folks at (303) 530-1222, or see their outstanding catalog at

While we’re talking potatoes here,

22 April, 03:50, by Don

  FACT– potatoes and tomatoes are related!  They are both members of the nightshade family, and because of this relationship, you should never plant tomatoes where potatoes were last year, and visa-versa.  Kind of like you should never marry one of your cousins, eh?  Just one of those things about vegetables  that is nice to know.  AND–for a list of good companion plants with all vegetables, see my book…

Grandma says always plant potatoes on Good Friday

21 April, 01:04, by Don

 I remember two tips about planting spuds from my sweet grandmother:  Always plant your potatoes on Good Friday (has something to do with the moon phase), and never plant them in the same place as they were last year.   The reason is that there might be nematodes in the soil and they will infect the next year’s crop if planted in the same place.

North Forty News

11 April, 23:53, by admin Tags: ,

Thanks to North Forty News for giving Don’s book such a warm review! From the article:

“Secrets From My Grandma’s Garden” by Don Eversoll is a quick and delightful read for both longtime and new gardeners. In it, Eversoll takes readers back to his grandmother’s Nebraska farm where he recalls ventures down the garden path as “a trip into the heart and soul of a loving, gentle woman who cared deeply about teaching her grandkids a little something about how to grow your own food.”

From building good soil to harvest, Eversoll provides bucketfuls of tips to get a garden growing. He offers planting guides and homemade fertilizer recipes, tonics to kill garden pests and a host of little-known garden facts.

The full text of the article can be found here.