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Leave those ‘walls o water’ up for now !

31 May, 15:03, by Don

If you have your young tomato plants inside ‘Walls O Water’ protectors, you should leave them up until the plants climb over the top.  Why? Because they will protect the tender plants from wind this time of year, and also serve to hold the heat in at night.  Remember that it’s necessary that night-time temps be at least 50 degrees for tomatoes to bloom and set fruit .

Good seed source for customized packets

20 May, 03:07, by Don

I recently received in the mail a couple of seed packets from the folks at Skyfire Garden Seeds which I thought were very unique.  They printed my name on one of them (sample for events like weddings, parties, special events,etc.) and the other was a custom blend they offer.  Neat trick, I say, for an industry bent on mass-produced stuff ! Look them up at

Good stuff at Baker Creek

16 May, 05:06, by Don

In addition to my favorite seed house, Beauty/ Bounty Beyond Belief, I always order in a few really unusual strains of tomatoes from the folks at Baker Creek Seeds in Mansfield, Missouri.  Their web site is www.rareseeds. com. Worth a look !

Collect that rain water

12 May, 05:48, by Don

It’s a great idea to put out as many buckets, old pans, or anything that holds water when rain is forecast.  You can save it in a cool place for watering those early-season vegetables and flowers as soon as the dust starts blowing again.  Collecting rain water from roof-top runoff is also a good idea, as long as it’s legal in your state.  Check with the state officials to clarify yes or no.   I know several homeowners who have designed a system to collect their runoff water, which includes several large barrels where it’s stored for future use.

Fruit trees are finicky this year

10 May, 03:05, by Don

All along the front range, we’re hearing folks say their fruit trees, particularly peach and sweet cherry, are either late in blooming, or perhaps that 28 degree night we had about  a week ago, either zapped some of the blossoms, or froze the cherry buds.  But not to fret, two years ago, my wife and I didn’t see many blooms on our peach trees, and then all of sudden about  a month later, we saw all these little peaches growing amidst the branches.  Have no idea how it happened.  But (slurp) really glad it did.

Remember–To bloom and produce fruit, tomatoes need 50 degrees.

10 May, 02:57, by Don

That’s right, tomatoes like it hot. Well, at least warm. This means they will bloom and produce more fruit when the night-time temperature is at least 50 degrees.  You can accomplish this with a little trick.  Put  ‘Walls o’ Water’ around them from the first day you set the tender plants outside, and they will collect heat in their little water chambers (arranged in a teepee-shape when filled) then dispense it at night to the plants inside.  If you take care of your ‘Walls’, they will last for years.