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Don EversollA man with unusual insight into raising vegetables, Don Eversoll is both an accomplished gardener and an entrepreneur. Don was born in central Nebraska and spent many weeks on his grandparents farm while growing up, piquing his curiosity for the rhythm of nature, and learning how to grow vegetables.

Don later graduated from the university of Nebraska and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife and three children in 1976. He began his Colorado business career a few short years later by founding Beauty Beyond Belief, a wildflower seed company, and later, Bounty Beyond Belief, an heirloom vegetable seed firm. He sold both companies in 2008, and soon became the author of gardening and cooking books. His first book “Secrets From My Grandma’s Garden” became an instant hit in early 2011 with both new and long time gardeners.

Prior to moving to Colorado, Eversoll was Associate Editor of Nebraskaland Magazine, Public Relations Director of Gate City Steel, and P.R. Director of the Danish Brotherhood in America, a fraternal insurance company. He is currently a member of the Fort Collins Rotary Club, and lectures extensively across the nation on heirloom vegetable gardening and native wildflower plots.

Don is married to Therese Ann (Kobus), and he and his wife are the parents of three children, and grandparents to five grandchildren. Don is an avid fly fisherman, and likes to spend late summers salmon fishing off the coast of British Colombia. His next book, “Secrets From My Grandmother’s Kitchen” is being written and will be released in Fall of 2011.


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