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24 August, 01:22, by Don

With all the unusally hot weather all across the country this summer, it’s imperative to water your garden a little more frequently than usual…and that goes double for the TOMATOES.   That’s because they normally do not have a deep, extensive root system, and those fine root hairs in the top 2-3 inches of soil dry out quicker than, say beets, carrots, or beans.  And while you’re at it, drop a couple of tablespoons of Miracle Grow For Tomatoes into a 5-gallon bucket and apply that to your ‘maters.  One more tip–keep building up the organic matter in your compost bin, water it once in a while, and make sure it gets hot.  This could mean you should cover it with black plastic to get the temps up where it will kill weed seed, and also ‘sterilize’ the stuff inside the bin, particularly dairy compost which contains animal byproducts.